Art for me is simply a way to keep myself sane. I feel I have so much to express, I get a build up of energy and I just have to go crazy in my art studio until I collapse.
My late grandfather was an artist and my father is an artist so art has been in my life since day one.

All my paintings are hand painted using acrylics over many layers. Ideas literally come to me like a train hitting me head on. I then turn into a painting machine and can’t relax until it’s finished.

When a piece is completed I’m completely exhausted both mentally and physically, it drains all emotions out of me and I often even dream I’m actually in my paintings.

Over the years I have gone through many styles, starting off with cartoons and as a youngster I dreamed of being an animator but as the years passed I turned my hands toward painting and have stuck to that to this day.

I soon realised that I could really express myself through painting much more than cartoons. I love to paint allsorts from animals to portraits to landscapes and robots. My favourite thing to paint is anything to do with space and anything spiritual.

I was inspired to paint ufo’s and space images after 3 ufo sightings, one flew right over my head about 50ft up and the experience blew me away. Since then I have researched this subject and the more I look into it the more I have to paint, I simply can’t control it and I’ve got to say I love it! It just feels right.

I also like to paint metal and love coming up with complicated shapes to paint so I can really explore the shines and reflections. Another favourite is my explosion art, a perfect thing for me since I literally have so much to express, I have always been what u might say “a live wire”

Prints are available of my work up to the original size either on high quality paper or canvas.

Print Sizes:

A4 – £25  |  A3 – £45  |  A2 – £65  |  A1 – £85

Contact info@lloydcanningartworld.com for more information.